Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update: responds to comments in Mexico's La Reforma

Having written a post on Tuesday about some eye-raising comments allegedly made to a newspaper by's promotional representative in Mexico ("Was rep racially insensitive?"), I certainly hope that what carried through was that these were words attributed to the rep and not the company itself.

I certainly didn't expect to respond but, to their credit, I just received the following message from the Chief Executive Officer of, Adam Segel:
Adam Segel, MANHUNT CEO, responds to the alleged comments made by MANHUNT's Mexico Promotional Representative Javier Espinosa, published in Reforma Newspaper:

At MANHUNT, we go out of our way to assure that we are as inclusive as possible and that diversity flourishes throughout our membership. After all, our members are generally considered a minority group by the world at-large and continue to face discrimination every day.

Mr. Espinosa disputes having made the comments accredited to him in Reforma Newspaper and MANHUNT is investigating the matter.

Whether the comments were said or not, they do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone at MANHUNT. We never allow or promote hateful speech or ideas on our site. We apologize to those who were offended by the remarks and share in the disdain for them.
By the way: Today The reports that Larry Basile and Jonathan Crutchley, owners of, just donated $10,000 to California's No on 8 campaign which is fighting an uphill but crucial battle in safeguarding marriage rights for same-sex couples. This is the one battle we must win if marriage rights for all will ever be attained in all of the United States, folks, and I already made my donation. If you would like to donate, please go here.

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Male Escort said...

Well, I am thinking about people that are against same marriage and even hate gays. But there is a very simple explanation if you hate other people - gays, bisexuals, straight, or animals - never mind it's the same this mean you in fact hate yourself. But don't make other people to suffer for your hate.