Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Update: Peruvian web portals protest calls to kill gays

Gayperu.com is calling for a "Peace March" to take place in Lima tomorrow Wednesday: They are asking the community at large - gays and non-gays alike - to come dressed in white and carry candles in a "non-political," "anti-violence" and "pro-peace" demonstration against "declarations by people affiliated to radical sectors, who have expressed clear hate towards people with a sexual orientation different to the majority's... [and who have] called for the assassination of gays in the name of a so-called 'moralization' of the country" (a not so veiled reference to recent comments made by Elena Tasso, the mother of leading presidential candidate Ollanta Humala).

Meanwhile, over at another Peruvian web portal Deambiente.com, a couple of individuals have also called for a protest outside the home of Humala Ollanta's parents in Lima which, according to Blabbeando sources, is also happening tomorrow night. Though the call is also for a "peaceful and respectful" demonstration, the writers say that it will be a way to demand that gay rights be protected even under a Humala presidency. Depending on the turn out, some peace march participants are saying that they will join the protesters outside Humala's parents' home after the peace march is over.

It's not clear how much reach both portals have so we will have to wait until a couple of days to see if these plans come to fruition.

A primer on the leading Peruvian presidential candidates from the "South America Bisdsta" blog here. Past Blabbeando posts on the subject below:

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