Saturday, October 28, 2006

Word is out so...

Earlier this afternoon my cell phone rang and flashed Steven's name. Even before I answered, I pretty much knew that it would be Santino's voice on the other end and the reason he was calling.

Steven had just died at home in Kentucky and Santino wanted to let me know that his family was all gathered around him and that he had died peacefully.

Considering my conversation with Santino last night, I can't say that it was a surprise but it still does not fail to shock me and, on some level, seem too cruel to be true. I mean, I was busting Steven's chops just a couple of weeks back and still hearing him giggle that amazing laugh of his.

Word is out. Someone just posted a reply in his coolukman LiveJournal page with the news. As I've been writing about it for a while now, I thought I'd let readers know as well.

There is just one more promise to keep. One that Steven asked me to do if and when he died. It involves this blog so I will get to it sometime early this week.

Our thoughts are with the Mackin family and with Santino. Santino has been the rock and we send him much love as well. As Steven would say - Good stuff!

Steven M. Mackin. You, my friend, will be so incredibly missed. The few times I wrote about you on this page doesn't even start to approach everything else that we were able to share for a year and a half. You have touched me deeply and will forever continue to be a huge part of my life.

Friends in San Francisco will be hosting an informal memorial
for Steven at the Lonestar Saloon tomorrow Sunday, October 29 at 4PM. For more information go here.

Also, Steven's sisters Amy Joe and Tory have posted the following message on Steven's LiveJournal:

It has been a wild ride! Steven lost his battle with Ewing Sarcoma today at 2:20 pm. He went in the most peaceful way. He went to sleep with a smile on his face. To all of those who love him, we want to share our grief with you. [ALERT: DATES HAVE CHANGED!! I'VE EDITED THE UPDATED INFO AS FOLLOWS] He will be open for visitation on Monday, October 30th in Springfield, Kentucky. His burial will be on Tuesday, October 31st in Bardstown, Kentucky. Prayer service is at 7:00 on Monday night but he will be open for visitation at 10 am. His funeral mass is on Tuesday at 11:00 am. Sorry for the sudden change but we just met with the funeral director. Please call or text all that you know are planning on attending.

My little sister and I were actually reading his Live Journal and laughing when they came to get us for his last moments. We were reading the Christmas 2005 entry...and laughing our asses off.

We have been comforted in these last few days reading your messages to him and the memories you shared. He was well loved. He was an extraordinary person and we were so lucky to walk this journey with him. If you would like to make a donation in his name, he was very interested in the AIDS cause in San Francisco as well as the American Cancer Society research into Ewing Sarcoma. We will personally be donating to Hospice of Nelson County. They made it possible for us to be with him at home for the last week. They made his passing peaceful and pain free..his only dying wish. Our thanks goes out to Lenny Mudd, his nurse. His compassion and outlook on death made Steven's passing a joyful event. His spirit lives on in all of us.

We will keep his cell phone on for the next couple of days if you feel the need to talk about him or to share in our memories. Please continue to share your memories of him...he was mackin' until the day he died!

Amy Jo and Tory



Oso Raro said...

It's tragic to lose a friend so young and vibrant. Last night, after reading your post, I went to his Live Journal and perused his archives, laughing and enjoying his experiences and thoughts. I didn't know him, only through you on here, but could see how he would touch a nerve among online readers with his honesty, wit, and charm. There were also some posts that approached art, introspective and thoughtful and wise.

Also, let's face it, he was damn sexy, and with the best combination, a nice guy to boot. The death of any person is always a loss, but of one so young and with so much yet to give is terrible. Sending you Oso hugs during this time, and thinking and sending warm thoughts to you and Steven and his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry about your friend. He seemed incredible in so many ways and you are both in my prayers.

Unknown said...


Just by reading about him through your blog, he came alive. He seemed like an amazing individual. You are in my thoughts as always. *hug*

Anonymous said...

Hello all, I am new to this but I was Steven therapist here in Bardstown and my heart goes out to everyone who knew him...he will be missed dearly. All who knew him loved him. Again I cant say how much he will be missed.God Bless all. Verneasa