Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mexico: Plucking eyebrows indicates homosexual tendencies, says high school principal; 15 students suspended

The Tamaulipan Youth Institute (Itjuve) is demanding action against a high school principal in Matamoros, Mexico, who suspended fifteen male students for plucking their eyebrows arguing that the practice was "unique to women or youth with a homosexual tendency."

Efraín Hernández, director of Itjuve, told La Jornada in an article published today that the sanctions taken against the students on December 15th by principal Rubén Reyes Urbina were discriminatory ("Matamoros: High school principal suspends fifteen students who had plucked eyebrows").

“No one can be denied the right to enter an institution simply because they look different to the rest of the alumni or because they decided to make a change in their person," Hérnandez said, "we clearly see a discrimination that is worrisome since it is a center that shapes individuals which is not in the best of hands."

The students, who were suspended during finals week and three days before the holiday vacations, ranged from thirteen to fifteen years of age.

Members of the State Association of Family Parents has also expressed their dismay and said that the agency will also submit complaints with the State Commission of Human Rights.


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Anonymous said...

This would be hilarous if it wasn't so fucking sad. School's supposed to educate, right?
Naco incivilizado!