Saturday, September 10, 2005

Talking about Tuesday's primary...

A call I got this morning:

Me: Hello
Woman on the phone: Hello! I am calling to ask you if you are aware that Tuesday is primary election day and to see if you know that Fawrna...-ah, Fawrnando Ferr...-ah, Farraw? - ehem F-E-R-R-E-R .
Me: Fernando Ferrer?
Woman on the Phone: Yes! We would like to request that you vote for...
Me: I am voting for him...
Woman on phone: ...him this Tuesday... eh, you are voting for him?
Me: Yes
Woman on phone: That is great! Have you met him?
Me: Yes...
Woman on the phone: Oh! That's so exciting! But then New York City must be a pretty exciting place!
Me: Oh - Where are you calling from?
Woman on the phone: Oh, me? I'm calling from Florida but I am originally from Ohio.
Me: Well, let me give you a tip...
Woman on the phone: What?
Me: If you are going to be calling New York City voters, the correct pronunciation is Fernando Ferrer.
Woman on the phone: Aw, thanks, Farnadow Farrahr. Got it.

Nothing against outsourcing but I thought a campaign call from Florida from a woman from Ohio who had no idea of how to pronounce Ferrer's name even though she was pitching him for the NYC primary election was kinda funny.

As for other opinions on the candidates? Go no further than this fellow blogger's site.

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Anonymous said...

this is hilarious.