Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Once in a blue moon you see certain things align in a way that does not seem to be mere happenstance. In this instance, three Latino gay leaders are making their move to New York City and I hope that it will translate into increased national awareness about the Latino LGBT community.

Carlos Macias comes from Texas and worked for a major Spanish-language media conglomerate there. He joins GLAAD as their new People of Color Media Manager and brings extensive knowledge about Latino media and an eye for improving media coverage of POC LGBT issues.

Pedro Julio Serrano (pictured above), left his beloved Puerto Rico last night and is getting ready to begin work at Freedom to Marry, which was founded and is directed by the eminent legal expert, Evan Wolfson. Pedro is the first openly gay man to have run for political office in Puerto Rico and brings a wealth of knowledge and smarts to his new job. He has also sworn to continue to oversee the influential Puerto Rican LGBT organization he founded, Puerto Rico Para Tod@s (Puerto Rico for Everyone). I am lucky to count him as a friend.

Hugo Ovejero was among the founders of Entre Hermanos, the leading Latino LGBT advocacy organization in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Argentina, he has now chosen to make New York City his new home.

It must be incredibly hard to leave past accomplishments and face new challenges, particularly in a city as tough for newcomers as New York, but we wish all three the best of luck to all of them in their new endeavours.


Anonymous said...

wow that's a big move for them! i love new york, but not sure i could ever withstand the winter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andres for all the love always... PJ

Anonymous said...

If all the great LGBT Latino leaders move to NY what's the rest of the country to do? I think NY is a great place, but honestly we need these leaders in Dallas and other cities where there is much more work to do than in NY. I don't find convergence that great actually, and I am very jealous, OF COURSE!

Anonymous said...

Andres, thanks a lot for your comments. People like you makes other people’s live easer…Hugo