Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gays are part of God's creation, says sole female Colombian priest

Even though I was born in Colombia, South America, make efforts to visit every couple of years, and try to stay up on Colombia's current affairs, it was still a shock to me to find out that there is only one female priest in the whole country.

Yesterday, RCN radio posted a link to a Spanish-language interview with minister Olga Ines Bohórquez, who leads mass at Bogotá's St. Paul's Cathedral.

A member of the world-wide Anglican Episcopalian Church, Reverend
Bohórquez, who is 52, comes accross as a warm, funny and charismatically strong woman. She shares her thoughts on celibate life, her indigenous Chibcha roots, her taste for merengue music and nice shoes, and the thrill of going to the hair-salon on weekends (though she admits that she never dyes her hair).

She also gives these responses to the following questions:

On abortion: "Our church accepts it as long as the mother's life is in danger."

On homosexuality: "In God's eyes, we are all good, we are all His creation."

On women being ordained as ministers: "Biblically there is nothing that blocks women from having access to the monastery."

If only more women throughout Latin America were allowed to be ordained as ministers!

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