Thursday, October 13, 2005


Given the fact that "Life Changes" was one of my favorite albums from 2000, it should come as no surprise that I am here to rave about Ski Oakenfull's sophomore endeavour "Rising Son." What's surprising to me is that I had no idea that it had been released at all until I found it listed at an online shop (apparently it's been out since late Agust on superior house music label BBE records).

I won't say much else because you can read all about it here; watch a video of the lastest single - "So Beautiful" - here (at the bottom of the page); listen to snippets of most of the songs here; and hear the non-album exclusive, "New Orleans Under Attack" here.

Most importantly, you can buy it here or download tracks from the I-Tunes store by doing a search for the album. Come on, people, house music supports you, please support house music.

Sneak Peek: ...and, for those of you who can't wait until next week's release of the latest Depeche Mode album, "Playing the Angel," well, have we got some nifty news for you here.

Not enough? Well, how about Tori Amos singing that old 80's stalwart... uh... better you listen.


Anonymous said...

hey! here - for the tori link - just link direct to the post rather than trackback link

mk :) aka

Blabbeando said...

Hey,! Thanks for the fix. Already updated the link... Love the track as well...