Monday, November 07, 2005

Pure Pleasue Seeker

Who would have thunk it? If anyone would have told me that I'd be so addicted to the new Andy Bell CD (first solo album from the Erasure chanteusse) just a month ago, I'd say they were "Crazy" (ooh! I am so smart!) but now I am hooked!

Highlights include the Flamenco-guitar / step-band drum driven "Caught in a Spin", the Moroder-like-throb duet "Love Oneself" (feat. Claudia Brücken from 80's sytnth-group Propaganda), the stomp choir of "Shaking My Soul" and, best of all, the best glitter disco gem this side of Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" - "I Thought It Was You" featuring Jake Shears from the hot hot hot Scissor Sisters. Get me some platform shoes now!

Consumer alert special! Get the US version of the maxi-CD single for "Crazy" - The Stateside Mixes are much better than the UK ones.

Music saves the soul.

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