Monday, December 05, 2005

Juancito has two mommies

A couple of years ago, seeking to cash in on the NYC Latino market, the New York's Daily News launched a monthly supplement called Viva New York (which they recently fashionably tagged as simply VNY). The focus, as in other "Latino" publications launched by English-language media, seems to be on attracting advertising. Nevertheless, once in a while, informative articles do make it into the supplement.

A while back, I posted an entry on how Argentina media had fallen in love with the Farach-Colton family, a gay couple from New York and their adopted twins who were visting Buenos Aires, so when reporter Christian Del Moral called seeking interviews for an article on gay parents raising kids, I immediately thought of the Farach-Coltons.

I'm not sure when the next VNY is coming out but it appears that the lead issue will be on gay parenting in Latino communities (as the preview image above indicates). I will keep you posted once it comes out.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is an excellent thing for the gay Latino community in NYC. It puts a human face to it and might at least for a few people dispel the thought that we are somehow different beyond our sexual preferences.