Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New York Times Editorial on Murder of Steve Harvey

The New York Times has published an editorial today on the murder of Lenford "Steve" Harvey. Read the full text by going here. Some excerpts follow:
Jamaica has a well-earned reputation for homophobia and murderous violence against gay people, most recently the murder of an internationally known AIDS outreach worker, Steve Harvey, after he was abducted from his home at gunpoint. The killing of Mr. Harvey has drawn condemnation from international organizations like Unaids and Human Rights Watch, and it should prod the Jamaican government to pay attention to the gay rights issue. [...]

International human rights advocates have urged the Jamaican police, who have a spotty record in cases of anti-gay violence, to bring Mr. Harvey's killers to justice. But the country must go beyond this case to take a firm stance against all kinds of homophobic violence.

A good first step would be to repeal the archaic laws that implicitly sanction anti-gay violence - and drive the AIDS epidemic - by making sexual activities between consenting adults of the same sex illegal.

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