Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NY Daily News: Papi & Papá... Mami & Mamá

Back in August, I blogged about the sensation caused by the Farach-Colton family when they participated in a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and presented their twin kids. Argentina media had been engaged in an extended dialogue on the merits of parenting by same-sex couples and 5-year old Lucas and Julia nearly stole everyone's hearts by blowing kisses at the cameras and telling everyone "I love you!"

The Farach-Coltons, who currently live in New York, were featured yesterday in the New York Daily News Latino-themed supplement "Viva New York" along with my great friends Carolina Cordero and Claudia Glaser ands their twins Diego and Carmen; and Luz Rivera and Flora Esther Chalmers and their two boys, Kevin and Kendrick (all pictured above).

The Daily News has chosen a funky format for the online edition of "Viva New York, but you can read the full article, "Mami y Mamá... Papi y Papá" here.

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Anonymous said...

I love my Mami boots, but why can't Carolina and Claudia also be my mommies? These articles are great.