Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Azi, We Hardly Knew Ye?

It's not even a week since Azi Paybarah's "The 51st State" blog was added to my Political Links but, alas, it is now dead (or, as Azi says, "It's All Over") as a result of the worlwide Muslim reaction to the publication of what some see as sacrilegious cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed.

Many Unites States newspapers have decided to abstain from running the cartoons, even though they are all over the place in the blogosphere. The New York Press, which recently hired Azi to do political commentary and which hosted his blog, decided not to run the cartoons as well. In this case, though, Editor-in-Chief Harry Siegel, Managing Editor Tim Marchman, Arts Editor Jonathan Leaf and Azi decided to resign, arguing censorship and the loss of freedom of speech.

The boys and gals at Stonewall Demorats - NYC (or SDNYC), have been in touch with Azi and it appears that a new blog is in the works. I'll update as warranted.

UPDATE: Hm, that was fast! Presenting the NEW "51st State" blog (Political Link feed updated as well)

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