Sunday, April 09, 2006

Politics: Does Eliot Spitzer need a homophobe's support for NYS governor?

Today, the New York Daily News reports that NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (and leading gubernatorial contender) has "quietly concluded a two year probe of state Sen. Ruben Diaz with only two minor findings" without telling any of the accusers that a desision had been reached back in December.

The charges were brought to the Attorney General's office by former employees of Rev. Diaz, Sr., some of whom spoke to the Daily News about their dissapointment at the findings and provided documents to back-up some of the dismissed charges (Diaz has agreed to return $2,360 in public funds that were used to purchase stereo speakers for his campaign van and $1,861 for using funds from the Office of Children and Family Services to decorate an officer).

The Daily News says "The rest of the three dozen allegations have vaporized amid accusations that Spitzer is letting Diaz off the hook because he needs the powerful Latino politico and Pentecostal minister in his campaign to succeed Gov. Pataki."

Hm, with as wide a lead as Spitzer has in the polls and other candidates failing to find any footing, does he really need Diaz? It's a question I have
asked before in other political races. Let's hope Spitzer, at the very least, does not take the Reverend's endorsement.


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