Saturday, April 08, 2006

UCC "Ejector" ad rejected by LOGO, picked up by Spanish language cable channels

So LOGO, the 24-hour gay channel that Viacom launched last year, has refused to air the "Ejector" ad that the United Church of Christ produced due to "the political nature of its content." So have the two largest Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Univision.

In the Advocate, Peter Barbosa of the First Congregational UCC of Oakland, California (who sits with myself and others on the advisory committee of the National Latino Coalition for Justice to End Discrimination in Marrage), says that the ad "could not have come at a more relevant time for the Latino community: The [immigration] laws that are being proposed are nothing more than added rejection, added negativity, added discrimination. And then we have a religious organization with a message of such inclusiveness, of such welcomeness, and these stations—with the control and the power they have—are choosing to block that message."

Good thing then that at least CNN in Español, Si-TV and Azteca America have decided to run them!

You can take a look at the English and Spanish language versions of the ad over at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Agaisnt Defamation website.

Update: Hm, there's a cyber letter-writing campaign aimed at Viacom, should anyone be so inclined.

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