Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Update: The Advocate, immigration, and the LGBT community

The online version of The Advocate has a couple of interesting pieces on the immigration issue as it relates to the non-Latino LGBT community. I thought I'd point them out for you to browse:
There are also some responses to the recent immigration debates in The Advocate's "Letters" page, including "Asking for what we won't give - Immigration and LGBTQ" by Randi. M. Romo of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Recently, I was also approached by a reporter for The Advocate to comment on the issue so it appears that the magazine will run a piece in an upcoming issue. I was heartened that the reporter focused on the issue of immigration itself and did not mention the personal disagreements that have characterized some of the debate.

[NOTE: Blogger Kim Pearson has written a quick look at the debate that has erupted on immigration and the LGBT community over the last few weeks for Blogher. Better known as Professor Kim, she has graciously noted our past comments in her essay. Thanks]

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