Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update: State Minority Leader David Patterson on the Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr.

OK, you must be bored to death over these updates on the Diazes but today's post is short and sweet.

Senate Minority Leader David Patterson, whose office has been hesitant to say anything negative about the Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr., finally went on the record today (if speaking to a political blogger can be called going on the record).

Here's Minority Leader Patterson speaking to
Only in New York (O.i.N.k.)'s Michael Carrese:

"People think I'm taking a principled stand, but really this is all about discovering what Ruben Diaz is up to before the newspapers do."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I would be astounded if this is just dropped!! Are there people in the community upset about this? It is amazing the lack of public response to outright corruption these days.

Blabbeando said...

These type of allegations have been hanging over Diaz, Sr. for years but current Attorney General Eliot Spitzer recently gave him a slap in the hand for some of the misdeeds while absolving the Reverend of stronger charges. The fact that these investigative reports come from an Albany newspaper means that most people in the City have not read them. He always brandishes the number of people he can draw to religious events as a tool to convey his political power and I think some of the NYC-based political figures stay silent in fear that Diaz might work against them in the future. Whether Diaz remains the "teflon" Reverend depends on the legs that this story has and on people in the community visibly opposing his claim to representing the Latino community in certain parts of this city.