Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Advocate: "We Too are Immigrants"

The current print issue of The Advocate (with the polygamy cover story) has three articles on the LGBT community and immigration rights.

In "We Too are Immigrants," Todd Henneman takes a look at LGBT immigrants and LGBT participation in the recent immigration rights marches. All in all a good article - and not just because I am quoted - but unfortunately it perpetuates the falsehood that it's just a Latino/Mexican thing (Herb Sosa from Miami's Unity Coalition and Oscar De La O from Bienestar in California are also interviewed, as well as some community members caught in the legislative cross-fire).

In "Thick and Thin for Binational Couples" (no online access available to the article), Neal Broveman looks at an upcoming documentary by Sebastian Cordoba on the issue of immigration rights being denied to binational same-sex couples in the United States. It was produced by Lavi Soloway and features my great friend Emilio and his partner Tom (pictured above).

Finally, in "Fear and Loafing," Editor-in-Chief Bruce C. Steele ponders what the LGBT rights movement should learn from the immigration rights demonstrations.


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