Monday, June 05, 2006

My Queens Pride

So yesterday was Queens Pride. Let me show you a bit of what we saw (top to bottom, as it were):
  1. Queens personalilty "La Paisa" in the first of a few dresses worn during the day.
  2. A bunch of guys dressed like smiley multi-colored condoms (safe-sex is important, after all)
  3. Hispanic AIDS Forum and their contingent, which commemorated victims of hate crimes by carrying make-shift coffins (one of the best contingents of the day)
  4. The sweet girls from Chueca Bar (probably the float that got the most response)
  5. A Queens family watching the parade from their apartment window
  6. Those bunch of cooky guys who seem to confuse Islamic faith with the usual schpiel used by extreme right-wing US fundamentalists (third or fourth year in a row that they have demonstrated, thankfully they seemed to have lost some converts along the way including the women that joined them last year)
  7. Oooh! Sofa sale!
  8. Bolivar and I hanging out at Friend's Tavern, with Noel, who took the pic (yay!)
More fun photos (including porn star Manuel Torres taking a look at my crotch) here.

By the way, other bloggers also had their very own Queens Pride (go figure!). Namely:


Anonymous said...

A friend hooked me up to your blog and I have never regretted it. LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your piece of Queens Pride.

Blabbeando said...

Thanks Simbul. It's tough to tell just who is reading the blog and I am glad you appreciate it.

Rev. Boulanger, thanks for continuing to check in from time to time. Also glad that you enjoyed the post.