Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Double-whammy: No to gay marriage says WA, I'm gay says Lance Bass

While we wake up to yet another set-back for gay couples who would like to get married in this country (check out this morning's Washington State Supreme Court decision, as well as dissent statements, here and read about it here), allow us to look elsewhere and also bemoan the news that former N'Sync'er Lance Bass is gay (and dating former Amazing Racer Reichen Lehmkuhl).

Why, oh, why couldn't it have been hottie (and fellow former N'Sync'er) Joey Fatone instead? Sexyback, indeed.

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Lito Sandoval said...

Ha Ha I hear you on Joey! The whole Lance Bass thing is funny. Let's see career over, might as well come out. Also, the fact that his partner was a grand marshall in the SF Pride Parade despite having a closeted boyfriend at the time.

I love this video on youtube: The look on Lance's face gives it all away as the other boys talk about girls.