Monday, July 10, 2006

From San Francisco, more sad news

I haven't been able to confirm this through media reports but El Güero over at Razing Borders, who lives in San Francisco, tells me:
Today I was walking to the gym and I saw a flyer in a store window. I remembered your post on June 8th about Luis Peña, A Colombian gay man who lived in San Francisco and was missing. Sadly, his photo and name were on the flyer, with information about a mass and memorial service here in San Francisco [on Sunday, July 9th]. The flyer didn't mention cause of death, and I haven't seen anything about it in the local gay press yet, although I'm sure it will be when the gay weeklies come out this week
So unfortunately there is no good news to report here either. The original Bay Area Reporter article on his disappearance on the night of May 30th mentioned that Peña had been "kind of depressed," according to a close friend, so it's not clear that this is a criminal case. Nevertheless, it's sad to hear the news.

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