Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update: LIFEbeat "misjudged hurt," will "reach out to groups"

Another round of negative responses to the non-apologetic cancellation of the LIFEbeat reggae concert earlier today must have done wonders to at least make their Executive Director and at least one Board Member decide to change their tune and be more apologetic.

Executive Director John Canelli does say that the group received "threatening phone calls" but also tells the AP tonight that LIFEbeat will be "reaching out to different groups to see what could be done to accomplish the concert's goal of raising awareness without the accompanying controversy."

Board Member Tim Rosta also told the AP: "I think we misjudged the depth of the hurt around some of the issues that are raised by some of the lyrics."
  • Gay City News has an Andy Humm update here
  • Sean Strub, publisher of POZ Magazine, has commentary here

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