Friday, July 07, 2006

Updates: Loose ends

Yesterday's NYS marriage decision: There is lots out there about yesterday's marriage decision so I won't say too much about it except that after the initial anger there's the sadness that one of the states that is considered among the most progressive can elicit such a regressive, backwards majority decision against gay couples.

And, because I also don't want people to forget who is doing some of the gloating today, I will point out to this article from today's The Christian Post in which the oh-so-ethical and moral Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr. forgets, once again, that there is a separation of church and state. He also says that while "only the state legislatures are the ones that could decide if there should be homosexual marriages or not," it is obvious that he'd rather not even give the New York State legislature that chance (he also reacts to the recent settlement in the case brought against the Harvey Milk School).

The man in the blue shirt standing on the tree pot and blocking the view: In the meantime, since I'm the one always taking the photos at events, I rarely get the chance of capturing myself in the frame, which is why it's so nice that Lavi took the above picture while I stood on one of those cement tree pots that are spread throughout the city. To the man who shouted that I should keep my hands off the tree, I was actually careful and nice about the tree but also wanted to keep balance and avoid scraping my knee at the event just like I did with the same cement pot while taking these pics. To the man who asked me to step down if I wasn't gonna take pictures, I did take pictures! For others whose view might have been blocked, apologies!

Porn: Now, a couple of months ago, we made comments on some scandalous allegations involving FlavaWorks and CocoBoyz / CocoDorm, purveyors of so-called homo-thug porn. In said post, we mentioned Enrique Cruz and his La Mancha Productions and yesterday someone who signed in as 'Ken' left some choice words about Cruz (see replies). My original post was elicited by something that Bernard first wrote in April. Last week, Bernard posted an update that we'd be remiss if we didn't link to as it speaks of changes at FlavaWorks that bode well for the enterprise. On a side note, Rod2.0 also links up to former La Mancha star Tiger Tyson's - uh - blog?

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