Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bloggeando: What other blogs are saying

Reading other blogs, here are some entries that have caught my attention (Lance included):
  • New York Law School Professor Arthur S. Leonard writes about a transgender woman from Mexico who just won a new political asylum hearing when the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that immigration authorities used the wrong standards to deny asylum in a previous hearing. Professor Leonard comments on the increasing difficulties for LGBT immigrants in gaining asylum based on sexual identity in the Unites States under the Bush government and on an emerging pattern of similar asylum denials being overturned by higher courts. Most interestingly, he also writes about how difficult it is for LGBT immigrants with credible and demonstrated cases of persecution to gain asylum if they come from countries that the United States perceives as increasingly tolerant of gays (Mexican Asylum Applicant Wins New Hearing, LeonardLink, August 23, 2006)
  • Keith Boykin talks about a Primetime special tonight on ABC that takes a look at "AIDS in black America" (which ABC has trumpeted, in part, for featuring Peter Jenning's last appearance for the network) and raises preliminary issues about some of the featured guests (ABC AIDS Special: Help or Hype?,, August 24, 2006) [UPDATE: Rod2.0 has a review here and reaction from his readers as well]
  • Bernard Tarver comments on the "I Am Gay" ads that were officially launched this week (I Am Gay, Bejata, August 23, 2006)
  • Dan Vera talks about gay Cuban poet Rafael Campo [in between reviews of this season's episodes of Project Runway, if I may ad] (Poetry: Rafael Campo,, August 22, 2006)
  • Pedro Julio Serrano celebrates his new undetectable HIV status (in his Spanish-language blog) and plays around with Blogger in Beta formatting as well (Esperanza..., El Blog de PJ, August 23, 2006)
  • John K writes on the recently announced format of the new "Survivor" season that pits race against race, and tags my blog for recent comments as well (Survivor's Racing Ahead + Lee's When the Levees Broke, j's theatre, August 24, 2006)
  • Gloria, a former California Democratic National Committee delegate, is not happy about recent changes to rules that the DNC has used to guide how state party leaders select gay an lesbian delegates to the presidential convention (DNC v. 2.0, Miss Wild Thing, August 22, 2006)
  • Transgender advocate Pauline Park writes about the lurid coverage of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder and recent allegations that John Mark Karr, who has confessed to the murder though it's not so clear that his confession matches the facts, might have sought counseling for gender reassignment surgery while in the Thailand (Jon Benet Ramsey! Sex-Change Operations! Transsexual Pedophile Murderers! Screaming Tabloid Headlines!, Big Queer Blog, August 23, 2006)
  • Lavi hangs with Lance and Reichen, the boy is anything if not resourceful - and, yes, I'm talking about Lavi (Dancing the Night Away at Star Room, Soloway, August 20, 2006)
Happy reading everybody!

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Lavi Soloway said...

Resourceful! Ok, I plead guilty. I met Reichen when he was invited by our mutual friends to a GLAAD dinner about 8 years ago. By then I had already known Chip with whom he would go on to win the Amazing Race, and marry, but then split from shortly after. Now that Lance Bass has come out and is dating Reichen I figured, hey if they are coming to the East Coast why not hang out with them... they were sweet. Reichen's book on being gay in the military comes out in October and I'm looking forward to that. I guess it's a little weird for me to be blogging about hobnobbing in the Hamptons, because it represents such a small sliver of my life... but everyone needs a break now and again and this summer I have made sure to reserve some time on the weekends for fun. Glad you're reading Andres. Love your blog and it's new look!