Thursday, September 07, 2006

CONLAMIC Watch: ...and it's just about time!

The Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr. (at podium) shells out for the Bush mandate at a CONLAMIC-led Bronx demo in March of 2004

So we had started to worry a little about poor, sad anti-gay CONLAMIC (a/k/a Coalicion Nacional Latina de Ministros & Lideres Cristianos a/k/a the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders) when their website seemed to disappear earlier this year. Then we felt concerned that, after months of supporting an immigration bill that would allow some immigrants to become residents, they flip-flopped at the last possible minute when the bill needed true support and joined other ultra-conservative Hispanic organizations in supporting an immigration bill that did NOT offer a path to citizenship . Fear not, sell-out Hispanic religious leaders! At least CONLAMIC's website is back!

And yet not all is well. MSNBC.COM has an article today about a promising if still tentative fall-out between Karl Rove-ness and Hispanic religious leaders who sold their souls to the devil in supporting the Bush doctrine. Miguel Martinez, of CONLAMIC, is said to have attended a recent Republican National Committee meeting where he was so despondent that he exclaimed "I pray for the soul of the Republican party."

Too good to be true? I'll still wait and see.

Come back to your true community, CONLAMIC! We're here with open arms!

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