Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thank you, Pedro Julio!

Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora had the news about 35 Latino LGBT organizations throughout the United States and Latin America supporting LGBT rights in Puerto Rico as their lead story on their web portal for most of the morning. Over on his blog, Pedro Julio Serrano has some kind words to say about me (and this blog as well - yay!). But you better learn some Spanish fast to understand what it says (or the note that I left on PJ's website). Should there be additional media coverage, you'll find it in this post as I will update it as merited.


Pedro Julio Serrano said...

Thank you... Andrés for your solidarity and love for my island, Puerto Rico...

un abrazo!


Anonymous said...

What a lovefest. Well deserved on all sides. Two great visionary activists working together to secure rights and visibility for Puerto Rico's LGBT community. Congratulations!