Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Since last week

A few things that have happened since I last posted last week:

Sunday Brunch in Harlem

Remember this?

Well a few days ago, Donald (Preboot/AnziDesign) had the great idea of inviting a few people of color bloggers for brunch last Sunday. Though only about a dozen of the 24 bloggers who RSVP'd showed up, it sounds like a fun time was had by all (the mom was in town so I wasn't able to make it).

The gathering, while leaning heavy on East Coast representation, not to say mostly on New York area bloggers, was a start. It was suggested that it become an annual event. I actually would suggest that meetings take place every three to six months, specially if the next one happens at one of the Colombian restaurants in Jackson Heights. Perhaps the West Coast and other areas will pick up on the idea as well.

The following bloggers share photos and thoughts on the Sunday brunch in Harlem:
Others present included Kenneth (A Day in the Life of a Divo), Kenyon (Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleep), Ryan (The Ryan Chronicles), Liza (CultureKitchen), Steven (Steven G. Fullwood), Phillippe (Life Up in Harlem Heights) and Alvin (Alvin Agarrat). I have used a photo taken by Bernard above, more here. Donald also has a flckr set here (please ask for permission if you want to use any of these images).

On "glamour shots," "artistic nudes" and black gay bloggers:

Over at the larry lyons experience, Larry D. Lyons II mulls on an ongoing discussion began at Ynkuya's Kaleidoscope back in March. They might as well be speaking about graphic representation of Latino queer imagery on some blogs as well.

Michael Sandy

The details of just how Michael Sandy managed to get struck by a car in Brooklyn on Sunday night, leaving him in a coma, are truly horrendous and Bernard has the details as well as links to some of the coverage here. There are some unfortunate comments over at Keith Boykin's original post on the matter which imply that Mr. Sandy might have brought it upon himself for cruising online and for being in a desolate Brooklyn spot late at night. Repeat after me people, nobody deserves to be targeted for being gay and assaulted. Period.


Littlemilk said...

Thanks for keeping me updated on everything. I have listed you in my list of links . . . FYI.


miss wild thing said...

What??? There are people of color bloggers in NY? And they didn't get invited to sit down with Clinton? I'm shocked. OK, I lied, I'm not shocked.cvzewl