Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My New York: Fall hits Central Park

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Oso Raro said...

¡Que comico! Chama, here in Cold City everything is dead, and I mean D-E-A-D! Tienes suerte que there is still something on the trees, not to mention warm light.

On a whole 'nother note altogether, and supporting my theory that we are all separated by two or three degrees, it turns out Mr. Gordo, mi pareja, knows you from Caracas! Talk about comico. So, today, he asks me, "Do you know Blabbeando?" and I'm like, "Of course!" (I mean, virtually, yea, I know Blabbeando LOL). Anyhoo, I told him to email you but he probably won't he is soooo flojo. But, we'll have to get together cuando I am Nueva Yorqui in Deciembre, if you're around.

I won't tell you his name, but he has a blog, not updated recently, that you can check out: http://elpajaroguarandol.blogspot.com. Quizas le recuerdes? Of course I should really just email this to you but whatevah.