Thursday, December 07, 2006

Update: The death of Adrian Alun Dennis Exley

For a while this summer we were following the latest information on the disappearance and death of Adrian Exley, a British gay man who traveled to Massachusetts to meet a potential sexual partner he'd met online. Last we heard, the Lynn Police Department were saying that evidence at the home of Gary LeBlanc seemed to indicate that there had been a murder. Some blog readers said that it would probably turn out to be a bondage scene gone wrong.

Well, apparently they were right. According to Tuesday's issue of The Daily Itiem of Lynn, autopsy reports indicate that Exley died from asphyxiation while wearing a rubber restraining suit after four days of having entered LeBlanc's house (LeBlanc would later commit suicide leaving a note that indicated where Exley's body could be found).

The paper says that a third man involved in the session helped LeBlanc remove the body from his home and to dispose of it. Exley's family have filed a lawsuit against LeBlanc's estate and the third man on the scene, Scott Vincent, and want Vincent charged with murder.

A memorial page here.

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