Wednesday, January 10, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: PR to include same-sex civil unions in Family Code

EXCLUSIVE from PRparaTODOS and Blabbeando:

From Puerto Rico para Tod@s:

It’s a fact… language that codifies civil unions between same-sex partners will be included in the revision of the Puerto Rican Civil Code.

We just received confirmation that regulations that codify civil unions between heterosexual couples and same-sex couples will be included in the new draft of the Puerto Rican Family Code, which will be unveiled this Friday, January 12th before the Puerto Rican Senate.

While Senator Jorge de Castro Font attempted to hijack democracy by alleging that new civil union code would not apply to same-sex couples, at Puerto Rico para Tod@s we remained firm in our position that - in a democracy - civil union rights should always be available to everyone.

In the meantime more than 30 Latino LGBT organizations throughout Latin America supported our efforts to have our partnership rights recognized by our legislature.

Tonight, with much pride in our unwavering stand for equality and justice, we can declare that we won the first battle.

Now, it is up to each and everyone of you to stand proud and, if possible, to be present on Friday, January 12th at 10am, to demand access to the rights that the rest of the population enjoys.

We still fight... because Puerto Rico must be for everyone!

[NOTE: Once the new draft of the Family Code is presented, it would still need to be submitted for public comment, approved by a joint commission in charge of overseeing the changes in Puerto Rico's Civil Code and then head to full votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate. So, while some legislative hurdles remain, the fact that the draft appears to be inclusive of same-sex couples is in itself a tremendous first step for a measure that many conserevative legislators in the island, and
Senator Jorge de Castro Font in particular, sought to derrail]


Ron Buckmire said...

Did this civil unions code addition happen in Puerto Rico? I haven't heard any more about it.

Blabbeando said...

I've been told that the draft will be open rfor public review from February 14th through March 28th, at which pint it will be submitted for discussion.