Thursday, January 25, 2007

ITN: SF death, black-face performer out in Los Angeles

Death in San Francisco: Martha Arredondo from Santa Cruz, California, says that she has hired a private investigator to look into the death of her daughter Daxi (pictured right). Daxi's body was found in a seedy San Francisco motel room back in November of 2006 but police are still determining whether her death was a homicide. Her mother says that she decided to hire an investigator after she was called to identify her daughter's body and saw signs of violence. The investigator, she says, has already found out that Daxi was seen walking into the hotel with a man who later was seen leaving alone. Daxi, who was 35, was a transgender woman.

Black-face performer kicked out of Los Angeles: Back in 2004, some of us protested an appearance by gay "comedy" performer Charles Knipp at a Chelsea gay bar and his demeaning characterization of black women and black culture. Local protests go back to 2002. But it's 2007 and Jasmyne Cannick has achieved what we were not able to do: To get Knipp's show cancelled.

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TheWickedWoman said...

Whoo hoo!! This is WONDERFUL news! This is what I get for not reading folks' blogs for days on end. One woman really can make a difference.