Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My New York: Subway Condoms - New York to the core?

So, with much fanfare, the New York City Department of Health launched a free condom initiative today which happens to be St. Valentine's Day. I'm not so sure they were inspired by this but kudos to them.

Find out where to get some

The City, it must be said, had already instituted a free condom give away program, but they say that this is the first time that a city has commissioned its own condom brand. As for their claims that the condoms are "New York to the core?" Hm...

The Gothamist already pointed out that the letter coloring does not match all the true subway line colors (they also got some YouTube action of this morning's launch).

But proof is in the packaging:
Turn the condom package around and you see that the "New York to the core" condom is actually a product of... Malaysia?

Cool thing is, I got 'til 2011 to use it! Yay!

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POLAR said...

This is so Cool !!!

I want to get some and show them on my blog.

I did not understand what you said about 2011.