Monday, February 19, 2007

Steven lives on!

An Associated Press reporter recently left a message on Steven Mackin's LiveJournal asking his family for permission to mention how he had used his online diary to address his struggle with cancer.

The family has said "yes" and the article will appear in the next couple of weeks on an AP ASAP, a webpage aimed at teens, which will take a look at how young people have used their online diaries to deal openly with their life-threatening illnesses.

Steven, about whom we have written in the past, would not have wanted it any other way. He always told me that the number one reason why he wrote about his struggles with cancer was to help other young people with the disease (inspired as he always was by Pedro Zamora in MTV's "The Real World" a decade ago, who was not only open about his HIV status but also his sexual orientation).

You can always look at our fotki and youtube memorials.

Hawaii's Wika Boy certainly knows how it feels not having Steven around. So do I. Long live Steven Mackin.

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