Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ITN: Vacilón quitters, Cuba is hard, Mexico is pink, Hispanic Marine does porn

There have been a few stories out there in English language press that I thought I'd highlight, since I haven't been posting stuff on this blog as of late:

El Vacilón de la Mañana update: There's been enough drama following the departure of shock-jock Luis Jimenez from the New York version of the show (surprisingly my previous post on the Jimenez debacle is probably the most popular post on this blog ever!).

For now, though, let's take a look at the Florida crew - same format, different Shock-Jock team. Today the Miami Herald reports that they both called it quits yesterday during the live radio broadcast, no reason has been given. A publicity ploy? Remains to be seen...

Juan Pablo Gutierrez: The Bay Area Reporter says that long-time San Francisco Latino gay and HIV/AIDS advocate Juan Pablo Gutierrez is among the finalists for SF Pride Marshals. Voting is under way.

"No es facil!" - In the meantime, the Reporter also features an OpEd piece by Thom Lynch, Executive Director of the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, who seems to have had a fab time in Cuba full of gay fiestas, even though he admits "It's not easy" for 37 year-old Cuban Judy Gardland lover Javier, who gets to stay behind after Lynch is long gone. God, I hate articles like these which purport to give you a true look into Cuba based on a holiday vacation.

Mexico in pink: So a couple of gals get "civil-unionized" in Coahuila, Mexico, for the first time ever in that Mexican state, and they have the gall to tell media to back off!

Just Karla Lopez and Karina Amalguer (pictured above). No Lambda Legal lawyers watching their every word, no ACLU attorneys setting up the perfect photo angle, just a couple of gals happy to be able to celebrate their love (and media ready to pounce them to the ground).

Long live Karina and Karla! They've certainly sparked a revolution!

The Mexican Lance Bass: In the meantime, the revolution might just have gotten a boost from this (also here). We'll blame all the brouhaha on these! (RBD still sucks though)!

My apologies if I thought Christian Chavez was the next Lance Bass: Apparently a plethora of women are devastated (devastated I tell you, including some at my office!) that the singer is (gulp!) gay (I guess we Latinos still are missing some gaydar abilities).

I have to confess that I am a bit flummoxed as to why it's such a huge story.

How about some porn news? Better give you some gay Marine Latino porn to make you forget all that Mexican cheesiness (via Joe.My.God who we met a couple of weeks back).

Trust me, you will be entertained, if not exactly tiltillated.

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Lito Sandoval said...

RE: Christian Chavez
Umm How could your coworkers not know that big ole queen was gay? Saw him on MTV Tres and I knew immediately!

RE: Porno Republican
HA HA HA I liked the one article that called him Dirty Sanchez.