Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cocodorm goes after black gay and lesbian bloggers

It's been a year almost to the day that I posted some comments regarding black and Latino gay porn in the wake of a scandal in Chicago involving porn producer Phillip Bleicher and his well-known (in certain circles) Cocodorm a/k/a FlavaWorks a/k/a Thugboy a/k/a PapiCock a/k/a Cocoboyz productions.

At issue: Did Cocodorm instruct performers not to wear condoms during live sex sessions broadcast online to paying subscribers? Did performers sign a contract that was reported to the Chicago Health Department as being akin to "illegal servitude?" And did Bleicher and some partners also bilk public funding through a purported nonprofit youth service agency he set up for expenditures including liposuction surgery and trips to Brazil?

Bernard Tarver over at Bejata has the published findings of the Chicago Health Department investigation and - no surprise - it's a damning report.

Thing is that since the scandal broke Bleicher left Chicago and settled in Florida. But - what do you know? - the past can sometimes catch up to you.

Now, a few bloggers have kept up with the story, including Bernard, Jasmyne Cannick, Darian Aaron and C. Baptiste-Williams. Incredibly, Cocodorm is now targeting them with cease and desist threats as Bernard chronicles over on his blog.

Not the right move at all. Let's hope that Bleicher gets what is coming to him. Support bloggers that are reporting on the issue and stop supporting sites that exploit young gay men.

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Anonymous said...

Your facts are untrue. Flava Works did not issue a cease and desist to ANYONE. Flava Works issued a DMCA notice to Jasmyne Cannick and Bernard Tarver because they were using copyright protected images of models from

More importantly, they're running a story about HIV and STD's and showcased a picture next to it with three models implying that those models may be have an STD.

Flava Works believes in free speech, that is what our whole fight is, freedom to do what we want - or say what we want.

Jeffrey Fichtelberg said...

Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher has found a new way to avoid the problems associated with STD's and Flava Works Miami. The Health DEPT sends notice to the models at the office and CEO Phillip Bleicher trashes them. Dekenrick Wiley wore the face of Aids when he died. Phillip Bleicher worked him to death when he was visibly very ill. He robbed the Wiley family of money due Dekenkrick. Part of that money was used to pay for the Memorial Dinner for Dekendrick featured in Flava Life. The rest was stolen for Bleicher's profit. If you are Black and buy Flava Works products you should start a new Klan the BLACK KKK.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Bleicher is once again producing Bare Back is the best reason to not let this issue die because if it does so do the people who work for him. Kieth Kannon Productions is his bareback series at the same address as him.

If this issue dies white Phillip Bleicher like the KKK kills blacks and his customers give him license to do it. If you buy and you are black, it is Black on Black crime.
If however you rid us of this plaque called Bleicher you will stand in high regard and no one will care.