Monday, May 21, 2007

Press Release: 20 Años de Lucha! – 20 Years of Struggle!

Latino LGBT History Project

Contact: Jose Gutierrez

The Latino LGBT History Project Welcomes You to Celebrate
20 Años de Lucha! – 20 Years of Struggle!

Washington, DC, - May 21, 2007 – The Latino LGBT History Project cordially invites you to the opening reception and the celebration of 20 Años de Lucha! – 20 Years of Struggle!, as part of the Capital Pride 2007. Join us for Latin food and refreshments on Friday, June 8, 2007 from 6:30pm.– Human Rights Campaign in the Equality Room, 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW. Washington, DC

“The history of the Latino LGBT community will be presented through an astonishing and unique collection of photographs, posters, flyers, banners and memorabilia from 1987 to 2007. The event will include the participation of key Latino LGBT leaders and provide a better understanding of the 20 years of struggle to create a movement in our National Capital,” said Jose Gutierrez, Director of the Latino LGBT History Project

20 Años de Lucha! - 20 Years of Struggle! is a historical exhibit and a panel discussion focused on the growth and contributions of the Latino LGBT community in Washington, DC since 1987 when the first two Latino LGBT groups were formed: ENLACE and LLEGÓ. The panel discussion will be moderated by Mario Acosta-Velez, Latino human rights activist, and will include as panelists long-term Latino LGBT leaders: Letitia Gomez, Yolanda Santiago, Eva Young, Raquel Sapien, Ruby Corado, Frank Yurrita and Jose Gutierrez. The program will also include opening remarks by Councilmember Jim Graham and Christopher Dyer, Interim Director, Office of LGBT Affairs.

20 Años de Lucha! - 20 Years of Struggle! is sponsored by Capital Pride 2007, Human Rights Campaign, Gertrude Stein Democratic Club and Latin@s en Accion. The entire LGBT community is invited to attend this important event.


Anonymous said...

While I am happy this event is taking place. I hope that some of the historical work/activism that took place in the midwest (specifically: Chicago, Milwaukee) have some presidence at this event.

Osvaldo Del Valle
Boston University

Blabbeando said...

Hola Osvaldo!

Although I am in no way involved with this event, I thought it was important to highlight efforts to put the history of Latino LGBT advocacy in some context (and you know how rare these events are).

Still, if you read the press release closely, you'll notice that the event will specifically address "20 years of struggle to create a movement in our National Capital." So perhaps it would be unfair to ask them to include midwest activism in this particular setting.

Now, if you think that a similar event could be organized in Chicago or Milwakee that could complewment this one, that would be great!

It would certainly be very positive if we, as a community, begin to lay down our own history.

El_profe_en_linea said...

Queridos todos,
I agree with both, i.e. this particular event is clearly a look at national organizational efforts; while I also agree for the need to create some kind of regional research and preservation efforts.
One of the chapters of LLEGO I remember while living in New York City was the first "bad" impression LLEGO left with us during their early organizational efforts. Some of us in the East Coast (New York in particular) felt that our voices and issues were not being considered by the early leadership in Washington D.C.
Things changed later and New York City activists became involved in LLEGO. The local and the national efforts will continually be at odds since many times issues will vary significantly.
Luis Aponte-Parés