Saturday, June 30, 2007

Former Latino gay bar sites in Los Angeles tagged with guerilla landmark designations

The Pocho Research Society has designated the following four Echo Park, Silver Lake and downton Los Angeles sites - all former Latino gay bars - as landmarks:
  • Le Barcito, currently the Cha Cha 2375 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Klub Fantasy / Club Fire at the Nayarit aka The Echo 1822 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026
  • The Score 107 W. 4th St, Downtown Los Angeles, currently Bar 107
But if you want to see the memorial plaques placed on each site you better run because they might be gone by the time you read this.

On Thursday, KPCC radio (89.3) tagged along with "semi-anonymous" performance artist Sandra as she pasted the plaques outside each bar as part of the ongoing Operation Invisible Monument, which seeks to "commemorate moments in Los Angeles history that have not been officially recognized" and, in this instance, highlight the effect of gentrification in some areas of the city.

For more on all this check out the above hyper links, the project's main website or Sandra's blog.


La Reina Del Barrio said...

The Score was the first bar I was ever able to look old enough to get into. The bartender was nice enough to let me sit there and have soda...

La Reina Del Barrio
The Queen of East L.A.

BardJ said...

This place WAS historic. Legendary. Also the first bar I could get into and had some great atmosphere in the early 90's. Even as recent as four years ago would visit the wonderful weekend bust after Latino Pride. Went just now to the "107" and it's just not the same. I miss The Score!