Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Other Blogs: Enrique Iglesias gays it up, Moscow Pride violence, Queens pride, Matt Sanchez and MORE!

Keith Boykin
has some interesting thoughts on that YouTube video making the rounds of Enrique Iglesias more than performing at a gay bar in London (see above). Terrance is smitten. I personaly retch everytime I hear his voice, but - hey - that's me.

Rex covers the recent violence at Moscow Pride, so does Doug Ireland here, while Joe.My.God took pictures at yesterday's small protest outside the Russian consulate in New York. Michael Petrelis also has photos of a similar protest outside the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Good as You takes issue with one aspect of the protests in NY and SF.

Rex also posts an article he wrote in 1991 about the Soviet Union's first ever gay pride events.

Bernard's gone fishing and sometimes I get the feeling I might want to join him.

Bloggernista answers that all important question: Where in the world is Matt Sanchez? Explains why some YouTube videos I found of the former gay porn star and marine reservist show him in Iraq (Previously on Blabbeando...).

Bushwick Boy takes a look at Sunday's Queens Pride festivities. Manhattan Offender was also there and took video clips to prove it.

Chris Crain has announced the launch of a gay news aggregator webpage named, appropriately

Jasmyne Cannick has a series of posts on her recent trip to Africa alongside "Grey's Anatomy" actor Isaiah Washington.

JockoHomo has a look at some HIV/AIDS awareness ads from Glasgow.

Miss Wild Thing picks her tribe over news that a former Democratic National Committee gay outreach advisor is suing the DNC.

Donald asks dancehall-reggae singer Buju Banton to explain himself in light of a recent performance he did in New York (and has a related poll for his blog readers).

From Venezuela, Jogreg admits that it wasn't easy to open up about his life as a gay man in Venezuela in as public a venue the BBC (he won a contest and was given access to write in blog-form on the BBC site for a couple of months) [NOTE: Both of those links lead to Spanish-language only entries, sorry].


Lito Sandoval said...

Ok, I love the video of enrique. but i still think he sounds like a donkey. i call him eyorre iglesias.

Anonymous said...

I think that Enrique is beautiful. His voice not so much. I guess that's why God(dess) invited gags.