Sunday, August 19, 2007

Musica: Alison Moyet's Turn

Rejoice! The voice is back! Even if she could not make it to New York City the one time I hoped to meet her thanks to Homeland Security, Alison Moyet is set to release her new album "The Turn" in October on w14 Music, a division of Universal Music Group.

As a preview, snippets of four of the album's tracks have been uploaded on Alison's MySpace page. First single "One More Time" seems to be a show-stopper and a showcase for the singer's glorious voice, themes about longing, relationships and desire resurface; "Fire" is plaintive and heartfelt, an indication that the album is a stripped affair without some of the electronic flourishes of the past, just a voice and a guitar; "World Without End" almost sounds like a chamber piece; while "It's Not the Thing, Henry" seems to belong in one of her past albums, namely "Hometime," with it's multiple instrumentation and synth stabs.

All in all great news from the UK.
  • Alison Moyet's MySpace page here
  • Alison Moyet's official website here
  • Alison Moyet's blog here
  • w14 Music webiste here (oh my! They also seem to be getting ready to release a new album by Siouxsie Sioux!)


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Anything new from Alison is good news, even when it's not up to her top stuff. I almost flew to London to see the play she did with Dawn French last year. She's one person from the 1980s who seems to keep evolving and not being a retro-jukebox of her old self.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! I was reading about it at Alison Moyet's forum and it sounds great!

It wasn't actually Homeland Security that kept her away last time; there wasn't enough interest to support the visit and it was a better excuse than admitting that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is so not true Anonymous. She wasn't going there to play gigs. When she did, she sold them out. She had some major TV shows confirmed and three top instore performances fixed.
She is not one to shy away from the truth when interest is lean, and in a 25 year career, that is going to happen at some point for most artists. This was not of those times.
I know because I was at her label then.
She did not get a working Visa in time and that is the fact.