Sunday, September 30, 2007

Musica: I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me

OMG, how gay can it get! Can you believe this was on the air in the mid-1980's? Bronski Beat (feat. Jimmy Somerville) and Marc Almond doing the Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder classic "I Feel Love." I hadn't seen this video in years and thought I'd share.

But wait! There's more! There's the live version of the above track, there's "It Ain't Necessarily So" questioning homophobic interpretations of the Bible, and the hits "Smalltown Boy" (including a Bronski Beat vs. Destiny's Child version and a Seamus Sexton's home-made folky cover) and "Why?"

And a groovy rare vid from Jimmy Somerville's solo career, "Here I Am," taken from the soundtrack to the movie "Orlando" and posted below. Enjoy.


Luis Jerez said...

And so it goes with many 80's music in America and no one even mouthing the word gay: Here is a brief list

-Dead or Alive
-Pet Shop Boys
-Elton John(I'm still standing)
-Wham(Wake me up... C'mon)
-Culture Club(The world war stupid song...)
-Bowie and such
-and whatever glam rock...

Un saludo.

Mad Professah said...

I love Jimmy Somerville...

"Age of Consent" is still a classic.

My fave is probably "Why?" but "It Ain't Necessarily SO" is pretty close.