Monday, December 03, 2007

My New York: New York is for gay lovers

A news item from the New York Post caught my eye this morning: Apparently NYC & Co., New York City's tourist agency, is launching the first ever push to draw gay and lesbian travelers to the Big Apple.

My first reaction was "1st ever?" (I mean, I remember those Philadelphia ads a couple of years ago recruiting NYC bears and I would have thought New York would have beaten Philly at this game years ago).

My second reaction was "Why now when the city's gayborhoods seem to be on the way out and there's - gulp! -
no Big Cup!?" (not that this is a bad thing, mind you).

My third reaction was "Hm, does New York really need a push for more tourists?" (as it is, Time's Square is nearly unnavigable as are other parts of the city and, worst of all, tourists wait for the walk/don't walk sings to change even if there are no vehicles in the street! They're crazy!!!).

My fourth reaction was "Don't gay people in other parts of the country already think of New York as a gay mecca?" (which would make the $30 million dollar campaign a bit redundant).

Hey, but that's me talking as a jaded Naw Yawker...

Anyway, that's when I stopped reacting...

Still, blogger
Chris Crain does raise one additional point....

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Unbeached Whale said...

You are so right about the tourist and the disappearance of the gay-hoods; but, so much of New York has melted and reconstituted itself in some other astral point of the globe. Truth be told, The Big Cup deserves to re-open underneath a shield of protective ice.

I rode up the Westside Highway with the back crevices of the Time Warner Center, Trump’s luxury condos and other monstrosities to my right and the Hudson to my left.

Do you remember when it was all different?