Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cajun football fan for a day: Geaux Tigers!

Truth be told, I have long been a Syracuse University football fan even if in recent years there hasn't been much to cheer about. They were 2-10 this year.

Back in August, during
a fleeting trip to San Diego, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Keith just as he was getting ready for the new college football season.

A Louisiana State University college football fan if there ever was one, Keith, the last time that I saw him, was getting ready to put a couple of LSU flags on his car. I have a feeling that even if the football season is over, Keith will still be flying those flags for a few more weeks... even months.

So, as LSU's improbable season ended on Monday with a 38-24 win over
Ohio State - and the national championship - forgive me if it brought back memories of that 1987 Syracuse University 11-1 season and getting caught up in all that madness.

I even watched a couple of LSU games this year when the boyfriend wasn't around (he hates college football) though I stopped short of flying the LSU flags or plastering the office with LSU banners.
Needless to say I was thrilled for Keith on Monday night and let him know.

Little did I know that Keith
had sent some LSU madness my way.

The box arrived yesterday. Keith shows what was inside the box here. For a full blast of his LSU insanity go his ScoopZone blog here.

Above, that's Keith and Rex -
who often grumbles that he's joined legions of weekend football widowers by marrying him - checking out an LSU game back in October.

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