Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Argentina: A gays-only bathroom at a beach resort

Speaking of anti-gay discrimination in Argentina:

Earlier this month a gay couple decided to spend a day at Dixon Beach, a Paraná Island resort area located in Argentina's Rosario district.

Imagine their surprise when, needing to use a bathroom, they noticed the above sign ("Homosexuals Gays Faggots") posted on the door of one of the six bathroom stalls.

Andres, one of the partners only identified by his first name, quickly took a snapshot with his cell phone camera and sent it to media site Rosario3.

He tells the news site that initially he mistook it for being a gay-friendly gesture. "At first sight it appears to be likeable, amusing and even welcoming, but later it really disgusts you," he says, "furthermore, the others say 'Gentlemen and Ladies' and, under that criteria, there should only be one [sign] that says 'Heterosexuals.'"

He tried to open the door but it was locked.

Juan Cabrera, the owner of the recently inaugurated resort, told Rosario3 that there was no discriminatory intent with the sign and that it was just a joke that had been misinterpreted by the couple.

"We left it without a latch so that it was for the exclusive use of the people [who work here]," said Cabrera, "and the sign was more than anything a joke used to restrict access."

"I did not have a bad intention, nor did we want to discriminate against sexual minorities, I am a sexually open man and I would never things with that intent," he added, "If it was interpreted that way I apologize with all veracity because I do not want to anger or bother anyone. It was a joke and if I have to remove it I will."

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