Monday, February 04, 2008

The last word on Obama, before Super Tuesday

Pictured: Mike Vrabel of the New England Patriots (courtesy of patriotworld)

So the hubby calls me the pessimist because, unlike Monthy Python, I don't always look on the bright side of life. I always fight against perceptions of a surge or the hope that someone will beat odds so daunting that the world will shake on its axis.

So excuse me if last night I kept being amazed by the New York Giants' defense throughout the NFL Super Bowl but still found myself unable to get worked up enough to believe that they would win. Until, of course, those last three minutes.

And now: Super Tuesday. Polls. Blogs. Leads. Speculation. None of it will matter 'til tomorrow night so I'll assume the worst and celebrate if there's reason to do so. Specially in New York where the Democratic machinery is working the Hillary angle and seems to have provided an unsurmountable lead for her.

Then again... The rest of the Super Tuesday states might just make the world shake on its axis anyway and continue to make this one of the most exciting and important election campaigns in decades.

I will wait until tomorrow night to pass judgement. If you are in a Super Tuesday state of mind (including New York), help me shake the world on its axis by voting for Barack Obama in the primaries tomorrow!

In the meantime, help me make sure that the Patriots' Mike Vrabel (above) is a-ok despite the loss. The hubby certainly appreciates football so much more because of #50 last night. And, in some ways, the world is better for it.

So in Obama's spirit of reconciliation, Mike Vrabel, I am sorry the Patriots lost! Hope you vote for Obama tomorrow. I definitely think it will make you feel so much better.

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