Thursday, March 13, 2008

My New York: Spitzer's hooka' lives in my building!

Earlier today:
Older bearded man, about 65 to 70, to me: Are you reporting?
Me: Nah, I'm just taking a picture [see above]
OBM: [Without prompting] Spitzer's hooka' lives in my building! [facial expression of a man who still can't believe it]
Me: I know, been watching the news.
OBM: Sorry, have to hurry! Heading to the deli to get some condoms... I hope to get lucky...
OMG! Only in New York!

It so happens that the girl identified as the escort who outed Governor Eliot Spitzer lives in a building on the block where I work. Last night I saw the television vans line up outside the building and wondered if it had to do with the Spitzer mess. And so it was.

The vans have been lined up day and night. Antennas up. Have to feel sorry for the girl - she is only 22 - even if she apparently was living in a multi-million dollar apartment building (and I keep asking myself who in New York can afford to live in all these new apartment buildings).

Yeah, whatever, she was an escort. I've always been against prostitution but I certainly hope this young woman comes out of this a better person even if the odds are against her considering the media circus around Spitzer.

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