Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spanish language TV reality show features Latino boxers, promotes respect for gays and lesbians

Something startling is taking place at Azteca America Sunday nights at 8PM (check local listings). The fastest growing Hispanic television network in the United States has a reality show called "Retador Azteca" [Azteca Challenger] in which they pit eight up-and-coming Latino boxers from the United States against eight Mexican boxers. The boxers live in a "reality" home and one from each team faces one another until the final two meet up at the grand finale which will take place at the Las Vegas Caesars Palace on May 18th.

Yeah, I know, amazing!

Thing is that all the "challengers" are required to go on camera and agree to a set of principles that include the following:
  • Domestic violence is not a way of life. Protect others.
  • We challenge you to protect yourself when you have sex. Remember: AIDS still kills.
  • We have gay and lesbian friends and as Azteca Challengers we are respectful of people living their sexuality freely. Gays and lesbians are part of the Azteca Challenger family.
  • We all have the same rights. Do not discriminate against anyone.
It might sound a bit didactic but I, for one, am impressed. It certainly carries a message to audiences that are rarely reached. Let's hope other Spanish language networks will follow their lead.

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