Thursday, May 15, 2008

Musica: Yazoo reboots and tours the US!

In the UK they were known as Yazoo, in the US as Yaz, but for a young guy growing up in Syracuse enamored with all things New Romantic, Dave Clarke and Alison Moyet were just about the best out there (Dave Clarke who used to be in Depeche Mode now records as Erasure with Andy Bell and Alison Moyet continues to record as herself).

Call it cashing it in or not, but Yazoo is back with a re-mastered reissue of their two albums: Upstairs at Eric's from 1982 and You and Me Both from 1983 in a single package that is currently listed at (gulp!) $71.99 at (Ideal Copy has it for $64.99)

They also are touring the UK and, later, the United States on the following dates:
Just got me some choice tickets for one of the New York shows!

At least Alison seems to have resolved those visa problems that kept her from touring the US back in 2005. If only she would do a solo tour sometime in the future!

If interested, for more info, go to Yazoo info, the Alison Moyet Forum or Erasure's official site.

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Paul Kelly said...

That might've been Vince Clark buddy, not Dave!

Looking forward to the shows though, I'm right with you on the New Romantic thing!