Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The fun game of the day has been to check-out the new search engine Cuil and see how many things it actually gets wrong. Launched with much fanfare and promoted in just about every morning show I saw this morning, the expectations were so sky-high that there was no way but down.

Anyhoo, tonight I followed Joe.My.God's lead and, hm, Cuil'ed myself (click above for a larger image to see results).

First. All-important first upper-left block gets it wrong! Pablo Andres is another Andres altogether and they even upload that geeky image of an Univision interview I did years ago to enhance confusion! What's jpmag anyway?

Second. One search block below they get the Fotki info ok but WTF! Who's that La Mega stud? We all hope to become that dark and swarthy, specially us Latinos, but that ain't pale, geeky me!

Third. OK, they also get the shot taken by my friend William for Out Magazine in the box on the upper right but that was from 2001 or so (trust me, I'm not as pale now, though I'm just as geeky!).

I guess search results will improve with use but count us underwhelmed.

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