Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Glam Slam X: Flotilla does Macy Gray's "I Try"

Michael Musto, who I've photographed before for Wockner News and who even caught me being extremely politically correct in one of his columns a couple of years ago (a true honor as much as I love his columns), has posted his thoughts on last week's final House of Xavier's Glam Slam which Blabbeando promoted in June.

An excerpt:
I've done this gig many times before, but this year—the last one before the event takes off for the UK—seemed extra looney and special. For example, the "loss poem in blue" category brought out a weirdo who screamed drug regimens and time announcements in between railing about "Angela" Jolie. Later, we realized he'd interpreted loss as in "lost my mind." Brilliant! There was also a Jamaican guy who dropped his pants and kept chanting about how his sperm had turned blue. We took his word for it. At other times in the night, Flotilla cleansed the crowd's palette with a brilliant Macy Gray impression
Hm, Michael might not have video of the scandalous night but - guess what! I do!

Here is Ms. Flotilla DeBarge doing that brilliant and respectful 'fromage' of Macy Gray's greatest hit "I Try."
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