Friday, August 22, 2008

LGBT bloggers for Obama

Seems as if that summer bumble-bee is not pretty enough for some of you to tide you over until my next blog posts (see post below and hit 'Comments'). Damn it!

Well, here's some news: Long time activist and philanthropist Terry Bean has launched a blog to encourage LGBT community members to contribute to the Barack Obama campaign in these presidential elections.

The site, which provides fundraising tools to help the campaign, information on how Obama compares to John McCain on LGBT issues (and, truly, McCain is simply no match), links to local "Obama for President" meet-ups and events and tools to encourage your friends to support Obama, can be found by clicking on the above image or here:

The effort is also notable for something else: Featuring a bevvy of well-known bloggers and activists for content and comentary.

They include:
...also included is Barack Obama’s Blog

Others in the LGBT for Obama team include television actor Chad Allen, former HRC Executive Director Elizabeth Birch, Reverend Gene Robinson and community activists Phil Attey, Vic Basile, Jeff Hickey, Corey Johnson, Robin Kane and Jake Kaskey.

At the moment, the two top posts explain the purpose of the blog and showcases a comparisson table between Obama and McCain.

Fresh daily content can be found right below those two posts.

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